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Buster's Bed-n-Biscuit

Because your dog deserves a vacation too....

About Us

We offer open concept doggie daycare and boarding in a fun, clean, country setting!  We love all dogs, from playful puppies to seniors with special needs.  Whether in our bright, warm indoor playrooms or in our four,  large fenced yards, we give your dog the experience he wants.  If your dog is craving exercise and socialization or just wants to lounge around, we have that covered too. 

Our Mission...

Our mission is simple: To provide love and care for each and every dog, regardless of breed, age or size,  just like we would want someone to take care of ours. And to provide you, the pet parent,  with a wonderful customer service experience so that we become both you and your pet's #1 choice in the NEK! 

How We Do It...

We group all dogs based on their individual temperament and take into consideration their size and age.  Dog parent's complete an in-depth questionnaire that aids us with grouping their best friend with appropriate playmates.  All dogs are interviewed by appointment.   A casual "meet & greet" enables your pup to meet us and visit the facility before staying and playing. Safety is our main priority and we want all our guests to be happy & comfortable!  And, yes, of course we can accommodate your dog if he prefers to be alone and is people friendly. Please note, we are no longer able to accept pitbulls or pitty mixes. 

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Come for just the day! 

Great for socialization & exercise! Includes indoor & outdoor playtime with like minded fur-friends and 1.5 hr "nap". 

Available by Appointment Only

Currently, Monday, Wednesday & Friday 


All overnight boarding includes lots of playtime with 

like minded fur-friends, a private room 

(crates also available), late night potty break

and a biscuit on their pillow. 

Available by Appointment Only

Holidays, school vacations & summer fill up fast 

so reserve at least 2-3 weeks ahead. 

Who is Buster?

Buster, our handsome yellow lab, passed away January 30, 2018 at the age of 12.5 after a long battle with kidney failure.  We are very grateful to everyone at The Animal Doctor for his wonderful care.   Buster loved our family boarding business and was a terrific greeter & host. He enjoyed seeing our customers daily.  Now his memory lives on as our name-sake and Buster will never be forgotten.  "Best. Dog. Ever." 


What vaccines do my dogs need?

Rabies, Distemper combo & Bordetella

How old does my puppy need to be to join your 

Puppy Playschool or board? 

He/She needs to have completed his full series of our 

required vaccines. (usually at 12-16 weeks of age) 

Do you offer a drop-in service?

No, we require an appointment for boarding & daycare. 

What should I pack for my dog? 

See our packing list further down 

but most importantly: food & bedding. 


**All guests must be 12 weeks or older and fully vaccinated with Rabies, Distemper & Bordetella. If over the age of 1, dogs must be spayed or neutered for daycare. $5.00 Charge for boarding dogs over the age of 1 not spayed or neutered.

Packing List

What Should My Pup Bring for Vacation?

  • Your dog wearing a regular collar or harness. No martingales, prongs or choke collars, or any variation of these please. 
  • Food labeled in a sealed container, ziplock or original bag. Please no plastic shopping bags.  Send plenty just incase your return trip is delayed.
  • Vitamins/Medicine in original bottle, labeled  with name & directions.  Any necessary "sides", such as pill pockets, cheese, peanut butter, etc.  Again, please ensure you send extra doses in the event your return trip is delayed.
  • Bed or Bedding and  "lovies" such as an old T-shirt or blanket that smells like home.
  • Chew toys for overnight, especially for puppies.
  • Registration packet (1st time customers) 
  • temperament questionnaire completed (1st time customers)
  • A copy of your dog's vaccine record for your file with Rabies, Distemper (if under 10 yrs) and Bordetella up to date. Your vet may email this if easier.

Please do NOT bring: bowls, scoops, real bones or rawhides. 



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Buster's Bed-n-Biscuit

2020 Number 12 Rd, Newport Center, VT 05857

(802) 334-8282

If you are using a GPS, please continue on our road until you see our very large "Buster's Bed n Biscuit" sign on the orange, antique tractor! GPS will often say you have arrived at our neighbor's home.